Our Policies




At Free2move we aim to run our business as eco-friendly as possible, we constantly strive to:

  • Ensure that our products are designed and manufactured in such an environmentally friendly process as possible.
  • Reduce emissions and energy use for travel and transportation.
  • Ensure that we comply with applicable environmental requirements under Swedish law and other appropriate requirements.
  • Reduce consumption of natural resources by proper operations and recycling.

At Free2move, we earn customer loyalty by providing intelligent sensor network products and services, of the highest quality and customer value. To achieve this result, we will:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Ensure our products meet or exceed their specifications.
  • Continually monitor and improve customers’ total experience.
  • Establish quality requirements for suppliers and partners to ensure compliance.

At Free2move we always have an open attitude and helpful approach towards the shareholders and the general public in the areas where we operate.

  • We are well prepared in our communication with shareholders and the general public.
  • We are open to share information with our shareholders within boundaries set by Swedish law and the rules of the NGM MTF.
  • We have professionalism, respect and integrity in how we communicate.

Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important