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2Connect™ is a complete multi-connection platform able to serve different types of information streams nearly independent of the data source.

This makes the integration of different systems and sensor consistent, easy to implement and easy to enhance; including both the current and the future. The full eco-system of the platform includes sensors, actuators, application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as third party application software, analytics software (e.g. predictive), storage, data sharing, notifications (e.g. on mobile devices) and alarms.

The platform comprises of four intuitive logical layers.

  • In the visualisation & policy layer, the flow of information, the results of analysis, reports critical for performance, new findings, exception cases etc are graphically presented to the user. The user utilises this information to modify policies for decisions and improve the system.
  • In the analytics & decision layer, analysis of data is performed, and decisions are made based on the policy set by the user. Repeatable decision situations can be distributed to the data collection & instruction layer for resilience and faster response times.
  • In the data collection & instruction layer, gateways collect information from sensors and give instructions to actuators. Gateways also make decisions autonomously based on distributed logic.
  • In the sensing & actuation layer, devices interact with the physical world. They sense the environment and influence the environment. Some devices are sensors and actuators simultaneously.

The platform is made up of software and hardware products further described under each section.

Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important