While sensors have a lot to say, gateways must have really big ears

Collection & Instruction

Collection of data from sensors, and communication of instructions to actuators, is performed by gateways. Whenever so assigned by the Analytics & Decision layer, gateways also perform distributed decisions.

Gateways designed for IIoT must fulfil a number of very important criteria which general purpose gateways do not.

  • They must listen to 1000s of devices simultaneously without losing information, i.e. they must have really big ears.
  • They must allow devices to remain ultralow power and simple. In other words, they must not demand devices to perform a lot of processing work
  • They must offer effective and open, yet secure, interfaces to the cloud, e.g. Web, MQTT, Modbus
  • They must be able to do distributed local decisions, which should work resiliently in case of global network outage or power outage.
  • They must be able to transmit instructions securely to a the intended actuator amongst a large number of wireless and wired devices, often using simple I/O interfaces.

Free2move's Celebes gateways in the 2Connect™ family are designed to meet these important criteria. The Celebes makes use of a low overhead proprietary protocol to communicate to other 2Connect™ devices. It also supports Bluetooth Smart and a number of other standards for communication with legacy networks.

In resilient automation it is important to have the decisions made as close to the actuators as possible. For this reason, 2Connect™ distributes decision logic from the analytics and decision layer to the data collection layer. Free2move’s gateways are equipped with powerful and reliable processing units.

Another important requirement on an industrial IoT gateway is to offload devices as much as possible. IoT devices, such as sensors, are often ultra-low power designs powered by batteries. The gateway has the important task of simplifying data reporting for the sensors as much as feasible, and translate these as much as possible for the analytics and decision layer.

Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important