Solve problems. Develop opportunities.


The ability to arrive at the best solution to a set of problems and circumstances depends on the approach. The approach involves a number of collaboratory activities which emanate into an implementation plan. Subsequently the implementation configures the operational system and prepares the receiving organisation. 

Whereas every customer has its own business ambitions, set of problems, set of opportunities, and specific circumstances, Free2move delivers solutions targeting dramatic improvements in the following fields:

  • Savings in energy consumption and effective use of green energy sources
  • Control of air quality
  • Reduction of maintenance cost and other costs of operation
  • Effective utilisation of assets
  • Enabling attractive services to the customer’s customer

To capture the improvements a well worked definition phase is of high importance, which follows a proven approach to solve problems and develop opportunities.

The delivery approach encompasses definition and implementation activities. The definition activities involve capturing the problems, setting implementation goals and key performance indicators, deriving return-on-investment, developing new opportunities, and planning the implementation activities.


The implementation activities include orchestrating the various parts of the system, installing necessary hardware such as sensors, documenting the system and training end users.

Free2move supports the customer throughout definition, implementation and operation by providing services.

Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important