The graphical orchestration tools of 2Connect™ enables rapid and easy data modelling of 1000s of devices with analytics and decision applications


Making it easy to set up, analyse and visualise the IoT network

2Connect™ platform is a complete multi-connection platform able to serve different types of information streams nearly independent of the data source. This makes the integration of different systems and sensor consistent, easy to implement and easy to enhance; including both the current and the future. The full eco-system of the platform includes sensors, actuators, application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as third party application software, analytics software (e.g. predictive), storage, data sharing, notifications (e.g. on mobile devices) and alarms. 

The 2Connect™ platform offers a drag’n drop setup for all sensors and actuators. The live view make it possible to see data from the sensor while making the logical or analytic functions and you will be able to follow the data throw the flow of the logical structure, spawning a resulting stimuli for notification, alarm or actuation. It allows you to manipulate the data and transform it to a single alert or an advanced large analytic block. If the sensor is a multi-sensor, the utilisation of its many data streams for different purposes is clearly shown.

All logic is pushed down as near to the sensors and actuators as possible, in many cases the logic is in the data collection layer, i.e. in the gateways, and in some cases the logic is processed in the sensor-actuators themselves. The benefits of this logical distribution is low latency, instant response and to keep the logic running in case of a network loss, which keeps mission critical business running.

Operation theatre

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