Optimal air quality in lecture halls

The customer is a Scandinavian university

Addressed business problem

The learning institution is responsible to provide indoor environment supporting successful meetings, lectures and other forms of learning activities. As research has indicated, work productivity and the ability to learn is influenced by the air quality, most importantly temperature, humidity and carbon-dioxide (CO2). While power consumption constitutes a significant cost in providing high air quality and temperature to all facilities and during all hours , the learning institution was seeking to get better control and combine the use of the facilities,
with aim to adjust airflow etc. based on current use of the lecture hall.


With a demand for a quick improvement addressing over 100 facilities, Free2move proposed a fast and easy to install wireless solution to be integrated to existing surveillance system. By use of Free2move's 2Connect™ platform, the information stream was quickly adopted to the customised need and integrated to the existing SCADA system.


By the swift implementation the learning institution  quickly gained control over air quality and energy consumption of the facilities . The air quality control system is adjusted based on actual number of persons in the room and energy consumption for heating and cooling minimised by less need for active adjustments when facility is unused.

Products employed in this solution

  • Ambient room temperature sensors
  • Ambient room humidity sensors
  • Gas sensors CO2 (carbon-dioxide)
  • Celebes gateways
  • Analytics
  • Visualisation


Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important