Effective utilisation of assets

The customer is a major international airport

Addressed business problem

The airport had a number of problems which they needed single solution for. One was the issue of passengers spending time in one area searching for free trolleys, while there were full nests of unused trolleys in other areas. This issue regarded both the 7,000 land-side trolleys and the 2,000 air-side trolleys. Another issue was misuse or pilferage of trolleys. A third issue was cost of maintenance of trolleys.


Free2move proposed to install a network of gateways throughout the airport, each covering a zone of approximately 40-80 metres. The gateways often overlap somewhat, thereby increasing granularity. Several gateways were assigned to defined no-go zones, i.e. zones where the trolleys are not allowed to enter, such as exits to bus-stations and train-stations. Each trolley is fitted with a sensor indicating position and movement. In the application, concentration of trolleys, and how long they have been stationary, is visualised. Alerts are set if trolley nests are near empty or overfull. The application keeps track of identity of trolley, age, how far it has travelled, maintenance record and sensor battery life.


By the implementation, the customer has gained a modular, agile and reliable solution, supporting

  • Pilferage and misuse of trolleys eliminated
  • Much improved passenger service
  • Reduction in the total number of trolleys needed to serve passengers
  • Ability to calculate total travel time of each trolley, thereby scheduling maintenance
  • Ability to detect defective trolleys

Products employed in this solution

  • Omni-directional motion sensors - one per trolley
  • Celebes gateways
  • Visualisation
  • Tracking engine


Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important