Facility management

The customer is an operator of commercial buildings

Addressed business problem

The customer operates several hundred commercial buildings across Sweden. The customer enquired Free2move if 2Connect™ could be used to reduce energy consumption in all their buildings, and enable them to perform central and mobile monitoring of them. 

Together the customer and Free2move worked out a realistic energy savings calculation with RoI and targets. A test system was orchestrated to verify performance in one selected building, after which deployment to more than a hundred buildings were agreed. The system involves temperature measurements throughout the building correlated with weather data to minimise energy consumption of the heating system. The system takes into account heat energy stored in building structures, e.g. concrete beams. Existing information from legacy Modbus and KNX networks was incorporated.


A number of important results have been reported.

  • The current reduction in energy consumption is slightly better than 10%. It is expected to reduce further over time as more data with ensuing analytics become available. 
  • Personnel have reported a more pleasant climate.
  • Building operation engineers and management gets a status overview over all, nearby, groups of or single buildings

Products employed in this solution

  • Ambient room temperature sensors
  • Building structure stored heat sensors
  • Room presence sensors
  • External geo-weather data
  • Ambient room humidity sensors
  • Celebes gateways
  • Analytics
  • Visualisation


Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important