Monitoring of production line

The customer is an automotive manufacturer

Addressed business problem

The manufacturing company runs production lines with high demand on productivity. Monitoring of availability of supply line, stock and units for shipment is considered crucial with little room for error . Malfunction or unplanned corrective maintenance of tools and equipment along the manufacturing line causes the production to stop, with direct impact om company business.


Free2move suggested a combination of 3 measuring functions .

  • Incorporating sensors on supply line units, such as PCBs.
  • Manufacturing line combined sensors, tracking identity of included units as well as reporting status and position of unit block
  • Monitoring status of manufacturing line tools and equipment

By use of Free2move 2Connect™ platform, information from sensors all 3 sensor types were orchestrated to detect any anomaly in production capacity. The solution combines measurements from the manufacturing line it self as well as goods and units for manufacturing products.


As a result of the implementation the manufacturing company enjoys full control of

  • Supply of Units for production
  • Position and status of each unit block
  • Products ready for shipment
  • Detected anomalies in production line that may cause impact on production

Products employed in this solution

  • Position sensors
  • RFID tags
  • Celebes gateways (Celebes in this case doubling as sensor gateway and RFID reader)
  • Analytics
  • Visualisation


Operation theatre

When right climate is really critical

Facility management

When cost and service level are really important